About us

Our   company was established by experts in management consulting. The basis of our team is professionals within years of experience in leading manufacturing and consulting companies. We provide full range of management consulting, as well as implementation, maintenance and technical support. We concentrate our professional interests within Infor company products range.
We suppose, they are to great extent functionally sufficient to cover every challenges going from any industry branch. The line of the products we have tremendous expertise in is starting from older BAAN IV, Baan 5 versions of ERP and now we support Infor Ln in its full coverage from implementing to maintenance of the running systems.

The Infor Ln is almost the only ERP system is totally covering ETO (Engineered to Order) and MTO (Manufactured to Order) manufacturing environments. We have implemented the systems above in different manufacturing environments for almost full scope of industry branches: metal processing and products, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive and more. The scope of our customers will definitely emphasize this.

Our projects are obviously being implemented into the compleх information environments. Very often we have to enroll the products at the customer site, where older systems are running, with different ideology and functionality. We have experience and corresponding instruments to establish connections with, say, SAP, Microsoft products and classical spreadsheets environments. The Infor Network Business Intelligence (Birst), Infor dEPM products are dedicated to support us on the way to satisfy the customer in such areas.

The enterprises, having the industrial environments oriented to service and maintenance also will receive the proper Infor EAM product , which is totally covering these functions. See more in Products and Solutions.

  • Management consulting for manufacturing enterprises
  • More than 15 years of experience in implementation of corporate information systems
  • A team of professionals with deep industry knowledge


The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) uses Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to support about 100 million high-tech system components and execute the 150,000 work orders per year that keep its Large Hadron Collider in operation…more in News