Infor IoT

Infor IoT

Infor Internet of Things (IoT) delivers secure sensor data ingestion—at scale from anywhere. With Infor IoT, sensor data is synchronized with Infor CloudSuite™ EAM information, bringing deeper context into asset health monitoring. This contextual information drives better exception detection, workflows, reporting, data analytics, and machine learning. Infor IoT’s sensor readings are stored in the Infor Data Lake, allowing myriad possibilities for richer IoT data consumption. Device data can also be augmented with attributes and metadata that enable advanced search and device management capabilities.

  • Integrated with Infor CloudSuite EAM
  • Secure device data ingestion over MQTT/HTTP
  • Third-party IoT data ingestion via pre-built connectors
  • Device registration and management
  • Data storage at scale provided by Infor Data Lake
  • IoT analytics available via Birst®, an Infor company
  • Portal architecture designed for managing large numbers of devices

Infor IoT with Built-In EAM Integration is now Generally Available

July 17, 2019

Infor Internet of Things (IoT) is now available in Infor Cloud Multi-Tenant deployments. Infor IoT provides pre-built integration for Cloud MT Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) customers, and can integrate with devices deployed anywhere including Cloud and On-Premise.

Infor IoT Overview

Device Portal


The Infor IoT Device Portal makes it easy to register devices and device templates for simplified onboarding. You can quickly see how many devices are registered and which ones are active.

Data Lake Storage

All incoming data streams from devices registered in the Infor IoT Device Portal will be automatically stored in the Infor Data Lake. You can extract this data with Infor services such as Coleman and Birst… more here